Naturally fresh with raw and organic qualities 

We ensure that everything that you touch comes with the seal of purity

Our quest for the ultimate line up of natural products free from artificial elements is realized by keeping a strong check on the source of ingredients, efficacy of the formulation and relevancy for the end user. 

No Nasty Chemicals

We do not use synthetic preservatives derived from petrochemicals in our beauty products. We understand the side effects of using such nasties and totally steer clear from using any such harmful elements. Stay assured for better quality and natural goodness.

Parabens & Sulfate Free

Parabens are used in cosmetics to give them longer shelf life, which we totally prohibit. Sulfate is a harsh cleaning agent that can strip the protective layer of your skin and scalp. We only used ingredients that promote healthy skin and strong hair.

Zero Synthetic Elements

To simply put it, we do not use synthetically derived chemical ingredients when creating our products. Our goal is to stay closer to nature and provide solutions which are pure and harmless.

No Artificial Fragrances

Naturally sourced ingredients for skin and hair do not have strong fragrances. But many add artificial fragrances that can cause headaches and other issues. We stay away from such practices to offer you an authentic beauty experience.

Cruelty Free

Our raw materials are never tested on animals. We intend to keep it this way in the future. Beauty products should bring a hint of positivity and no cruelty and support the cause. Like the way we are kinder to your skin and we are kinder to our furry friends.


All our products are handmade by industry experts, so that humans can detect anything not at par with our benchmark quality. We don’t allow any robot to decide what should be good for your skin and hair.

Clinically Tested

All our products go under a rigorous series of tests to ensure that nothing is out of place. From dermatological fitness to quality assurance, we run many tests before the final approval.

Fresh Ingredients

We only use ethically sourced and farm fresh ingredients. We understand the importance of using raw and unprocessed ingredients so that the powerful boosters of nature are not lost.