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Hydrating Under Eye Repair Gel - 15 ml

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Very hydrating n soothing

This under eye gel cream is very hydrating and soothing. It reduced my dark circles and puffiness also . It has amazing smell also . This is the best under eye gel cream I have ever purchased .

Loved it

Best purchase in terms of eye cream absolutely fav product made my dark circles almost disappear

Jai Arora
Amazing product

This under eye cream is worth every penny😍 Highly recommended

Amazing product 😍

It's a really very good product 😍 Just go for it guys 💕 Highly recommended ❤️

Khyati Jaiswal

Hydrating Under Eye Repair Gel - 15 ml


Benefits of Rawls Under Eye Gel Cream for Dark Circles

The skin around the eyes is thin
and delicate, which requires extra care to keep it healthy. Most people often
don't put much thought into the skin under their eyes. However, it is essential
to address the issues related to skin under the eyes, such as puffiness, fine
lines, and dark circles. If you are concerned about delicate skin under your
eyes, you should start taking care of it using an under-eye gel cream.

The Hydrating Under Eye Repair
Gel from Rawls contains excellent ingredients that make this gel effective. It
offers various benefits for your skin, including:

Minimize dark circles:It removes
dark circles as this eye cream gel contains botanicals that reduce the look of

 Calm tired eyes: It soothes tired eyes as this eye cream gel has nourishing and
calming ingredients that comfort the skin around your eyes.

Prevent signs of aging: It helps prevent common signs of aging, such as tired, dull, and
slack-looking skin.

Reduce puffiness: It
minimizes the look of puffiness that develops from fluid buildup.

Hydrate dry skin: It offers
hydration to the skin under the eyes, meaning it will not dry or irritate your

Provide protection: It
strengthens and protects the delicate skin around your eyes as they are prone
to irritants.

How to Use Rawls Under Eye Gel Cream?

Follow these steps for the
correct application of under-eye gel cream
to get effective results, including:

●        Scoop up a pea-sized
amount of eye gel.

●        Pump the
gel on a roller head as it has a gentle touch.

●        Gently tap
a small dot under your eyes, starting from the innermost corner and move to

●        Massage
under your eyes in a circular motion

●        Avoid using eye cream gel too close to the bottom eyelashes.

●        Wait for 2
minutes to let the cream fully absorb

●        After
applying under-eye gel cream, you
can apply other skin care products and makeup.

Ingredients in Under Eye Gel Cream

The Hydrating Under Eye Repair
Gel contains various nourishing ingredients, including green tea, caffeine, and
vitamins C and E. It also carries the power of cucumber infusion, rose
Damascena mill water extract, vetiver water extract, and more.

The green tea in this gel has
antioxidant properties that improve skin health, fight premature signs of
aging, and remove redness. The caffeine has a calming effect which reduces
rashes of the skin. Vitamin C and E provide adequate quantities of moisture and
minimize the dark circles under the eyes.

Why Should You Buy Rawls Under Eye Gel Cream?

This under-eye gel cream from Rawls offers multiple benefits
and contains no chemicals. If you are thinking about getting this under-eye
gel, you should know its features that, include:

●        It comes
with a steel roller which makes it easy to apply the gel with a gentle touch.
It also has a cooling effect.

●        It
effectively minimizes dark circles, premature aging, puffiness, and redness.

●        It works
well for all skin types.

●        It contains
cucumber extract that helps moisturize the area around and under the eyes.

●        This cream
is lightweight, meaning you can apply it before you wear makeup.

●        You can
also use this eye cream gel twice daily as it calms dull eyes.

How Rawls Under Eye Gel Cream Works on Dark Circles?

The skin around the eyes is
delicate and is prone to dark circles, irritation, sun damage, and dryness. If
you notice dark circles under your eyes, you should get the Rawls' cucumber gel
for dark circles. It contains
caffeine and hyaluronic acids, which fight dark circles and prevent puffiness.
It also helps reduce fine lines and crow's feet. When using this product, be
gentle and avoid getting too close to your eyes, as it may cause discomfort or

Under Eye Gel Cream for Different Skin Types

Skin type planning plays an
essential role when looking for a product that best suits your skin. The skin
around the eyes is usually thinner than the other skin on the body. It is also
prone to develop premature aging faster than other areas of skin. This cucumber
gel for dark circles is suitable for
all skin types. If you have skin that tends to dry quickly, you should get this
eye cream gel as it has vitamin E and hyaluronic acid that keep the skin
hydrated. This cream is also suitable for oily and acne-prone skin as it
contains green tea extract, reducing inflammation and treating acne. Hence,
whether you have dry, oily, or acne-prone skin, you can use this gel and enjoy
its benefits without worrying about any effects.

Under Eye Gel Cream for Different Age Groups                                                                          

Most people don't use under-eye
gel cream until they cross 30 when they start experiencing signs of aging such
as fine lines, wrinkles, or puffiness. However, you can use the cucumber gel
for dark circles once you turn 20,
even if your skin doesn't show premature aging signs.


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What’s Inside

The Key Elements That Work Their Magic

  • Caffeine
    Narrows blood vessels and calms skin

  • Green Tea
    Antioxidants to reduce inflammation & puffiness

  • Vitamin C
    Reduces appearance of fine lines & dark circles

Here’s Why You Can Trust Us

  • Hand-Picked

  • No Nasty

  • Cruelty

  • GMO

  • Natural

  • Paraben &
    Sulphate Free

  • No Synthetic

  • For All
    Skin Types

Here’s Why You Can Trust Us

  • Hand-Picked

  • No Nasty

  • Cruelty

  • GMO

  • Natural

  • Paraben &
    Sulphate Free

  • No Synthetic

  • For All
    Skin Types